Abraham Darby

by Jan MacDonald

My favorite rose is the first David Austin rose I purchased. It is unique among the English roses as it has Modern Rose parentage. It is a cross between the Modern Climber "Aloha" and a yellow Floribunda, both of which bear flowers characteristic of an Old Rose. The flowers are of classic Old Rose, cupped shape, coppery apricot in color, with the outer petals shading to pink. The fragrance is strong and marvelous--even in January, I can remember that delightful perfume!

Abraham Darby is a vigorous well-rounded shrub with many blooms which repeat well. In my garden I grew two shrubs together and it made a beautiful 5' x 5' mound. It was healthy but sometimes had the dreaded black spot.

Named for one of the founders of the Industrial Revolution who lived Shropshire. I think I need Abraham Darby at my new home!