Cherry Parfait™

by Judi Guith

This rose hybridized by Meilland International and introduced by Conard-Pyle in 2003 is an All-America Rose Selection award winner. Cherry Parfait™ is one of my favorites in the garden. It is a fantastically heavy-blooming, grandiflora with 3 1/2 - 4 inch flowers of red-edged white that actually darken as they mature. This rose reminds me of Double Delight, however it is not as fragrant, but what she lacks in fragrance she makes up for in abundance of blooms. I find you can prune a couple of stems and have a bouquet or prune individual blooms to mix with other flowers. The stems generally are 10-14 inches. Cherry Parfait™ is a nicely rounded little shrub. I have fallen in love with this free-flowering beauty. If I had more room I would pick this rose to have more of in my garden. J&P says this is a 5-foot-tall, 4 to 5-foot-wide shrub, but it hasn't gotten that large in my garden yet. Although it does seem to spread a little wider the longer she has been in. She has been planted for about 7 or 8 years now. The leaves are deep green and very lush. This rose is fairly resistant to disease as well. It is zoned 6-10 but survives in my garden with only a few handfuls of mulch applied in the fall.

Parentage is (Meidanu x Macman) x Meichoiju.