Day Breaker

by Peggi Tucker


When I first saw this brilliantly colored rose I knew I had to have it. It was my first rose, and it is still my favorite. Day Breaker blooms all summer, greeting each morning with well-formed, yellow buds that break open to shades of pink and apricot.

This beautiful floribunda is an apricot blend by FRYcentury, bred by Gareth Fryer from U.K. in 2003. It has medium sized four-inch flowers in long-lasting clusters. I find the very shiny dark green foliage attractive and love to see the new leaves outlined in red. This plant has excellent health and is cold hardy. As a testimony to its endurance, Day Beaker, below, was still blooming in our garden in the middle of November.

Day Breaker is a strong, vigorous rose, a wonderful bedding plant. The fragrance is reminiscent of a moderate tea rose. An AARS winner, Day Breaker was an All-America Rose Selection in 2004

Day Breaker

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