Iobelle (aka: Iowa Belle)

Hybridized by Dr. Griffith Buck


A Buck rose that is often noted to be tender and a bit persnickety, Iobelle has been anything but in this zone 4 garden. Dr. Buck introduced this pink blended rose in 1962 and it may be one of his loveliest. The amount of pink in the bloom varies with the amount of sun that shines on the plant during bud development, giving a surprise with every flower that opens, each one being unique. There is a fruity fragrance, not terribly strong but pleasant to the nose and the plant is not particularly susceptible to diseases, keeping its glossy green foliage without the benefit of spraying. It is said to reach 5' tall in some areas, but in zone 4 it is a more demure 3' in height, dying back to the mulch line in winter and bouncing back rapidly in spring in the true fashion for which Buck roses are so famous. Although as a concession to her tenderness she was planted in a prime location, Iobelle has proved to be a real star year after year no matter the weather, gracing this garden with bouquets of lovely blooms in their ever-changing pink and white motif.