by Peggi Tucker

Hybrid tea rose, Oklahoma, is a dark, velvet-red rose introduced by Weeks Roses in 1964.

Oklahoma has enormous, symmetrical, velvety –blooms that bloom in flushes throughout the season. Foliage is matte green and very disease resistant. It has a noticeable old rose fragrance. Growth is vigorous and bushy.

Oklahoma has been disease resistant and hardy in my west Island rose garden in northern lower Michigan, zone 5-6. This rose must be in a very happy spot in my garden. During the winter of 2013 - the "polar vortex" – it had no winter protection. I lost a few roses and some just had to be cut back to the ground. When I went to prune Oklahoma to the ground I was amazed and delighted by the number of basal breaks – I counted eight, more than any other rose in my garden of many varieties.

This is a favorite of mine to cut and bring inside because of the large flowers that perfume the room as they open.

Ratings and Lineage:

The American Rose Society Handbook for Selecting Roses gives the rose a 7.0 rating. (Average)

Chrysler Imperial, Hybrid Tea x Charles Mallerin, Hybrid Tea