Pomponella Fairy Tale Rose                              

      Article courtesy of The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park & Karen Schmidt    /                    Photo of Jan MacDonald's Winning Rose

Visitors to the Walled Garden (at the Botanic Garden)  this summer and fall often remarked on the two lovely Pomponella roses which graced either side of the main walkway.  In November it was one of the few plants still in bloom.  But Pomponella’s long bloom cycle is just one of its many wonderful attributes.  Pomponella gets its name from the globe-like blooms which look like beautiful pink pom poms.  It has a strong upright growth habit, so it stands above the other plants, waving its large clusters of dark pink blooms.  Best of all, Pomponella is extremely disease resistant.  Although we never sprayed her with fungicide, she is consistently free of blackspot and mildew, diseases that often plague roses.  Pomponella is one of a series of disease resistant roses in the Kordes Fairy Tale Series. Bred in Germany, this rose  has won a wide range of awards including the much vaunted ADR certification, the Grand Prix de la rose award, the Geneva Gold Medal award and the Lyon Century award.  An excellent source for this rose is through the Palatine nursery (www.palatineroses.com).  Maybe you need some pom poms in your own garden?

Scientific name: Rosa ‘Pomponella Fairy Tale’

Common name: ‘Pomponella Fairy Tale’

Nativity: Hybrid

Habit: Floribunda Rose:  Upright to 3’ - 4’tall, clusters of dark pink, cupped, full flowers

Culture: Full Sun (6 hrs), well drained, moist humus-rich soil

Hardiness: Zone 5b - 9b 

Repeat bloomer offers colors late into the fall

Fragrance: Slight

Extremely healthy!  Only damage noted on plants in October were the distinctive leaf notches cut by leaf-cutter bees.  These bees are native, beneficial, and essential pollinators that we are glad to see evidence of. Not considered a pest.