Rosanna (Kordes Climber)

by Peggi Tucker

Rosarian Karen Schmidt observes: "What is interesting to me is that the healthiest roses in my garden are almost all from the new Kordes disease free collection, the Buck rose collection, or Bill Radler roses".

Indeed, my climber, Rosanna, is one of the healthiest roses in my garden and is blooming lushly at the top of our eight-foot rose arbor in its second year in our garden. This large-flowered climber introduced in Germany in 2002, was bred by Reimer Kordes. It has as a rather dazzling salmon pink color and large full blooms in cluster forms. I love the abundance of flowers on this plant. Rosanna has healthy green foliage and is a vigorous rose that can reach 8 - 10 feet in height.

As a climber it blooms on old wood, so in the spring, I only remove the canes that are either unproductive or damaged, leaving the majority to bloom again. In the winter, once the rose is dormant, I wrap the canes with burlap to help them winterize better.

Awards for this rose include three gold medals. The New York Botanical Garden gave this rose a superior rating in 2009 and included it in their top 100 roses.