Sally Holmes

A Beautiful Rose

by Peggi Tucker

Vigorous Shrub

  • A creamy white rose with gorgeous salmon buds
  • Buds open to huge five-petal flowers with lovely yellow stamens
  • This is a modern shrub rose that could easily reach six feet tall, and is full of clusters of flowers that are always in bloom.
  • Count on a lot of growth in one season and the canes are very winter hardy
  • Would do well as a climber, in borders, or as as the star attraction in your garden.

A lovely pillar

  • Shade-tolerant
  • Good disease resistance
  • Considered a hybrid musk or maybe
  • more accurately a modern shrub rose
  • Foliage is glossy & dark, canes are nearly
  • thornless and well-branched
  • Zones 4-9

An Award Winner

  • Bred by Robert A. Holmes, UK, 1976
  • ´Ivory Fashion´ (Floribunda)
  • X ´Ballerina´ (Hybrid Musk)
  • Glasglow Fragrance Award 1993
  • Portland Gold Medal 1993A
  • ARS rating 8.9 (Top 1%)

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