Sheila's Perfume

A more colorful rose than Sheila's Perfume would be hard to find! An amateur London rose hybridizer who grew his seedlings on a kitchen windowsill, John Sheridan saw this beautiful rose bloom for the first time and named it after his beloved wife. Some refer to its bright yellow with red edged petals as "garish" or "gaudy" and it is definitely hard to miss in the garden. But at midsummer with the sun is at its zenith, Sheila's Perfume can fade to somewhat softer shades while remaining striking for the heavy petals with deep veins that almost seem to "bleed" the colors into each other.

Classed as a floribunda, this rose is much more similar to a Hybrid Tea in bloom form and shrub structure. The classic shape of the buds, long stems on often-single blooms (rather than clusters) make Sheila's Perfume perfect for cutting. In the vase you'll find the flowers hold their petals a good long time and the highly rated fragrance with a fruity note makes Sheila's Perfume a delight to have about the house. The quantity of bloom is definitely less generous than a floribunda - some even go so far as to call her "stingy." In her favor is resilience, surviving zone 4 winters with no protection other than snow cover. Like Hybrid Teas in the north, pruning may have to be fairly low and some years right to the soil level, but this rose bounces back with sturdy canes which carry a fair amount of prickles (so be forewarned!) While Sheila's Perfume is not absolutely disease resistant, needing a bit of help from blackspot in some gardens, she does not totally defoliate if unsprayed. All in all, if the bright color combo appeals to you, Sheila's Perfume is a good rose for the northern Michigan garden.