St. Patrick

By Peggi Tucker

I can see St. Patrick from my kitchen window and even though we are entering the second week of October, it is full of puffy blooms. It seems to reach for the sky at over 5 ft. tall and the shape of the plant balances it all out, especially at the bloom-filled top.

This has got to be my favorite yellow rose, and I have several yellow ones. It could be because it is such a wonderful performer or maybe because the rose-bloom itself is so large and beautiful.

St. Patrick is a hybrid tea with fully double golden blooms of about 30-35 petals. The buds appear chartreuse on the outside. This flower has a shapely high-pointed center and a mild fragrance. The foliage is mid-green and disease-resistant.

This All-America rose winner has done well in my garden, even though I had to prune it back very low this spring. The part of my garden it is in could be considered zone 5 but leaning toward zone 6 because it is protected and close to the house.

St. Patrick was born from 'Brandy' x 'Gold Medal' and is one of the few award- winning roses developed from an amateur breeder.