The Fairy Rose


Polyanthas are small, sturdy, continuous-blooming shrubs with superior winter hardiness. The small sprays of flowers that cover the plant convey a cottage garden effect. Use polyanthas in low hedges, foregrounds, containers or massings.

'The Fairy' is a lovely, modern polyantha with even, light pink, double rosette-shaped flowers carried in airy clusters. It has glossy, disease resistant leaves. Celebrated as 'Earth Kind' it is very versatile. Although roses require six hours of sunshine a day, this shrub is shade tolerant. It is cold-tolerant and humidity tolerant. Plant it in a container or in a front bedding border. Once it starts to bloom, the flowers appear in great profusion through-out the summer weeks and into the fall.

It has bushy-mounded growth, and can grow to a height and spread of three by three feet. Use spring pruning to remove only diseased, damaged or dead wood.

'The Fairy' is a very, excellent rose with an ARS rating of 8.7. In my garden the bloom quantity, bloom frequency and vigor have been notable. It will grow well in USDA zones 4 - 9. Bred in the United Kingdom in 1932 by Ann Bentall and introduced in the U.S. in 1941 by Star Roses. Parentage is Paul Crampel x Lady Gay.