The Generous Gardener

by Peggi Tucker

Take a look at the incredible growth of Judy Crowe's climbing English musk roses! The red on top is the newest growth with masses of buds. She planted two shrub climbers, The Generous Gardener, (purchased from David Austin Roses) one on each side of her rose arbor four years ago. This picture from June 9th, 2013, shows how lush and generous it truly is. The Generous Gardener, introduced in 2002 is shrub rose with long, arching growth that lends itself well to being grown as a climber.

A significant rose in the English climber category it loves to grow; don't be surprised to see robust new canes rising up from the base with lateral shoots. It can reach up to twelve feet or more and is highly disease resistance.

A rose of elegant beauty with large, very full soft pink blooms that fade to lighter pink or almost white on the outer petals. The blooms are cup shaped and show off their many stamens when fully opened. It has a strong fragrance of musk, myrrh, and old rose.

The Generous Gardener was named to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the National Garden Scheme, UK.