CCRS Member's Enjoy the Following


·         Access to informative presentations by local gardening and environmental experts

·         Fun field trips to area nurseries

·         Touring the gardens of our members

·         Sharing a passion and appreciation for gardening and nature

·         Meeting new people and making new friends

·         Hearing about gardening practices that work and don’t work (especially involving deer!)

·         Learning to mix our outstanding CCRS soil amendment

·         Discounts for mixers on CCRS soil amendment

·         Group orders on bare root roses

·         Member recommendations on what roses grow well in our environment

·         Providing funding to area non-profits, such as the Botanic Gardens, Father Fred, and school

                                 gardening projects.

·         Garden book exchanges

·         Exchanging roses and perennial plants with each other

·         Sharing the beauty of our roses with the public at our annual “Pop Bottle Rose Show”.

·         Helping prune the TADL rose garden (with pizza and beverages afterwards at the Filling


·         Access to the American Rose Society’s literature

·         Bimonthly newsletter – Rose Rap

·         Informative website, with links to other rose and gardening resources

·         Fun garden-related craft projects conducted by members

·         Yummy treats and tasty refreshments at every meeting

·         Opportunities to learn about growing better roses (as well as other plants)-in a fun way!