Winter Sunset

By Peggi Tucker

Imagine a creamy apricot rose with hybrid tea form that will over winter in your zone 5 garden with virtually no problem. Enter the Griffith Buck rose, Winter Sunset. The "Buck" roses are some of the most beautiful and hardy roses you can find.

The yellow buds of this rose open to full, double, amber blooms with orange at the base. The petals that fade to cream as they open highlight the beautiful, apricot center. It blooms in clusters of 3 - 7 and flushes throughout the season.

Winter Sunset (1997) is a shrub rose with dark, glossy green foliage. It has a bushy habit of up to 3 - 4 ft tall and a width of up to 36". According to ARS this is a solid to very good rose. Parentage was the buck rose Serendipity (seed) and Country Dancer x Alexandra for pollen. It has shown good resistance to mildew and fungus in my garden.

While Griffith Buck did not start out to develop disease resistant roses, it came as a part of the natural selection process he used when selecting seedlings to plant. The roses of Griffith Buck are known for their success in being disease resistant and hardy to bitterly cold Iowa winters.

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